Be Brave [The Story]

I grew up loving to play with and entertain my little cousins. I've always easily connected with kids and enjoyed giving them my time. Seeing the world through their eyes is endlessly inspiring and I enjoy giving them a safe place to experience the world in addition to their parents.


When we have time with a child, whether lengthy or just a moment, we have an impact. We have influence over how they see themselves and how they see everything around them. What a privilege!

Then my sister and her husband grew their family with two precious boys. My nephews profoundly effected my desire to make decisions that benefit the next generation. Who do I hope they'll be when they're grown? What state do I hope the world is in? What skills and character traits should I help foster to prepare them for the "real world"? 

These questions and my giant soft-spot for kids in general informed my desire to pursue apparel for children with messages of encouragement and advocating for them. 

The first of many designs is our "Be Brave" tee. The sentiment for my nephews, one cautious and one fearless, both characteristics of tremendous value as they learn to be brave in the face of any obstacle. When I shared the idea with our dear friend Laurel Denise and asked if she'd want to collaborate with us to create the hand lettering for this project, she agreed! I'm giddy with the outcome and can't wait to see little boys and girls donning their raglans and making the sentiment their own.


- Marcy