Tara Montgomery

We have worked with Tara for over 4 years to cultivate her brand and tell her story.  When she and her husband bought their home, Marcy was the photographer hired to photograph it for the developer's website. Marcy and Tara quickly hit it off and in getting to know each other, Marcy revealed her love of product photography with no clue that the nurse she was chatting with was creating her own line of jewelry. The two paired up to work together photographing Tara's latest work. Shortly thereafter, Tara mentioned her desire to establish her brand and update her website. Marcy recommended her then boyfriend, Brian, a graphic designer. That partnership with Tara Montgomery Jewelry was just beginning and over the last few years, we've had the tremendous pleasure of coming alongside Tara not only as a business but as friends.

Recently, we were thrilled to partner with Tara again to make a short film about her journey, her business, and a glimpse into her life and why she creates. Her jewelry is beautiful and the person making is even more so. We hope you enjoy Tara’s story as much as we have.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Production
  • Website